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W/B 30th March

Hello to everyone,


We do hope you are all well and enjoying time with your family at home. Well done with all your continued efforts completing the activities. We have been very impressed!


Here are the activities for this week. Please do continue to dip in and out of any of the ideas or resources available to you.





Each day you could continue to play speed sounds with your letter sounds. To do this you need to show them to the children 1 at a time like flash cards.


Look at the pictures below. Can you find the correct letters in your pack to make these words?




Please use these letters below to set yourself a challenge, each day, from the following;

m d g o c u


  • Make as many 2 and 3 letter words as you can with these letters.
  • Cut up 10 small rectangles or squares out of paper. Choose at least 5 of your 2 and 3 letter words and write each word on one of your cut out pieces of paper. Write each word twice so there are 2 pieces of paper with the same word on. You have now made a pairs game. Use your words to play pairs. To do this you will need somebody to play with. Place all of the cards upside down, spread out in front of you. Take it in turns to pick 2 cards, if they match you can keep them, remember to read the word by sounding it out first. If not place them back down as you found them. Try to remember where they are. This will help you in the game. Remember to keep the cards from this game for another challenge.
  • Using the cards you made yesterday. Play a game of snap. You will need someone else to play with. Share the cards out equally. Take it in turns to place a card in the middle. If the card one person puts down is the same as the one before and you notice it, say snap. To win the cards you will then need to read the word. Remember to sound it out then say the word.
  • Pick 1 of the letter cards from this week. Write as many 2 and 3 letter words as you can beginning with this letter. Remember to use your Fred fingers. Remember to look at the Read Write Inc handwriting sheet, with an adult, to help you form the letters.





Please read the story ‘Peg the Hen’ from the link below. Aim to read this 3 times this week so that you get more confident each time.






Peg the Hen loves her garden. In fact she loves all gardens. In her garden there is a bush with beautiful pink flowers. She would love to know what you can see in your garden.

Please write a sentence each day about something you can see in your garden.

Remember to use your ‘Fred fingers’.

For example Peg wrote some sentences about what she could see in her garden.



The cat is big.

I can see a bench.


We look forward to seeing your sentences.




Use your number sheet from the activity pack to practise writing a number each day (numbers 0-4). Look carefully at the direction that the number is going when writing it. The green arrow on the first of each number will show you which way to go.

Each day using this number of the day, create some adding and subtracting (taking away) number stories, where this number is the answer. Find many practical ways to do this.

For example, if there are 2 raisins and someone in your house eats 2 raisins. How many are left? or 4 frogs jumped on a log. If 4 of them jumped into the pond, how many are left? The idea is to find a practical way to show the problem but also to say what is happening with the answer at the end.

You could use the attached number problems pond activity to do this, or find your own creative ways. 

Perhaps you could role play some of these ideas, or use equipment or play dough to show them. You could also draw your number story.


Other Activities


Go to the link below to find out what Harold the Giraffe is doing this week. Harold loves to keep a healthy lifestyle. He says that there are 5 things that will help him to keep happy and healthy. These things are;

  • Be Active
  • Get Creative
  • Mindful Moments
  • Connect with Others
  • Give to Others


Either using Harold’s diary ideas, or some ideas of your own. Can you think of ways that you can do all of these things this week? We look forward to finding out what you have been doing.

It is also important to keep healthy by eating healthy food. Can you find a way to create a healthy meal? You could draw a healthy meal using the template below, or find another creative way to make one, such as making a healthy meal using salt dough/ playdough and gluing/ placing it onto a paper plate. Perhaps you could help your grown-ups prepare a real healthy meal instead.

Remember that a healthy meal may include many different types of food.


Daily Challenges


Can you lay the table with an adult’s help?

Can you find a piece of clothing with a button on? If you can, practise doing up the button. You may need an adult to show you first.

Spend some time outside. Find you favourite plant or tree. Look carefully at it. Which living things can you see on or near it? Create this tree or plant, either by drawing it or creating a 3D junk or playdough model. You could find your own creative way to do this.

Complete a puzzle.

Make the tallest tower you can. How many bricks tall is your tower? You could use Lego or something different.

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