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At Watchfield, our children are given opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to to manage life’s challenges and make the most of life’s opportunities.

They know the contributing factors towards building healthy and respectful relationships, focusing on family and friendships in different contexts, including online.


At Watchfield, value is placed on personal attributes and character traits such as kindness, integrity, generosity and honesty. Pupils are taught about the importance of having good mental health and given strategies and the skills needed to develop their self confidence and resilience. Embedded in the PSHE curriculum are the British values of democracy, liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance. Pupils will also develop their knowledge and understanding of how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle; additionally they will be taught about the factors that may threaten this. 


Children will be given an age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships and the importance of respecting relationships that might be different from those they have experienced. 

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