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Design and Technology


DT is an important part of our Watchfield curriculum. We believe our DT education will spark imagination, stimulate creativity and encourage exploration and curiosity in a nurturing and supportive learning environment.  


Our DT projects involve problem solving to design and make quality and functional products. Just like successful designer Dyson, we encourage our pupils to grasp the opportunity of risk and mistake to evaluate and take their understanding even further.  


Our children learn and explore new techniques and skills, and how to use a variety of tools and materials in a safe environment to strengthen ability and independence. We believe DT should be taught within cross curricular lessons and as an individual subject, as appropriate.  


Our children will develop their subject skills from when they enter our school until they leave. Their progress will be assessed, monitored and then reported to parents at the end of each year.  


To broaden and enrich their experiences of DT, where possible, we find opportunities to promote the subject and for our children to learn from real life situations, such as within our STEM and Arts Weeks.  


Our aim is that children leave Watchfield School as motivated and confident learners with a love for the subject and with the solid foundations required to successfully explore new challenges in Year 7 and beyond. 

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