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If you’re looking for some creative ideas to keep the children busy. You could collect some of your recycling to be reused into junk models. Tubes, such as kitchen rolls, plastic bottles, bottle tops and cardboard boxes make fantastic models. You could encourage your child to create something they are interested in or something that links to their favourite story or theme. The children have become very good at making their own models and thinking of some very creative ideas.


If you and your child would like some ideas please see the links below.


And for more inspiration!




Using playdough is a great way to keep the children busy and being creative.  Here is a link to a variety of playdough recipes.  I usually use the first recipe which always works well. It can be used with or without food colouring.



Playdough is very versatile and can be used to make a variety of models. There are some great ideas on the link below, including playdough mazes, a playdough robot and using dried spaghetti to stick in as hair.  We have used it in our classrooms by sticking in spaghetti and using cheerios for counting, or for addition and subtraction number problems, as well as for a variety of creative models.


We hope you all enjoy being creative!  smiley

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