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Art at Watchfield

Here's the presentation that we shared with parents at our most recent parent workshop.

Year 3 used white and blue paint to make a tonal background. We then used ripped collage to make a Stonehenge scene.

We learnt about healthy food. We wanted to paint plums, apples and oranges but we didn’t have any purple, green or orange paint. Our children in Pre-School needed to make their own!

Year 1 used straws to blow a "forest" and our best cutting skills to make a wolf and Red Riding Hood.

Year 6 have been exploring using colours to reflect the emotions of evacuees in World War 2.

Year 4 used chalk pastels to make these storm pictures; we talked about how the colour palette can affect the mood of a piece of art

Year 4 made these wellie boot collages; we discussed warm, cool and contrasting colours on the colour wheel.

Year 4 learned about the colour wheel and used the primary colours to mix secondary and tertiary colours.

Year 1 made collage dragons as part of their work about Wales

Year 4 made some Roman mosaic coasters on their Roman Toga Day!

Year 1 made and decorated some cheerful festive trees

Year 4 used oil pastels to create these super 3D effect snowmen for our Christmas card designs.

Year 1 - Fireworks images using pastels

Year 1 self-portraits using paint

Year 6 made these awesome sculptures out of wire and mod-roc!

The children in Pre-School have access to art resources during continuous provision. They can explore these resources independently or with an adult. The children grow in confidence and develop their skills when they are given the freedom to be creative.

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