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Roman Day!

To celebrate our work on the Roman invasion of Britain, Year 4 had a Roman day! Despite temperatures being near freezing, the children didn't seem to mind dressing up in togas and braving the outdoors to practice marching to Latin commands and forming shield formations just like the Roman Army. They also made ceramic mosaic tiles and gold laurel crowns. It was a fantastic way to end our topic and everyone had great fun!

Colour Mixing Fun!

The Spring term so far has been all about our new topic 'Extreme Weather' so we have been doing lots of art based on this. The children enjoyed mixing primary colours to make secondary and then tertiary colours which they then painted onto a colour wheel. The colour wheel was then used as an umbrella in our 'Singing in the Rain' pictures. The children used wax resist technique to create a raining backdrop and then glued on their own silhouette holding an umbrella. The end result looks brilliant!
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