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Welcome Ducklings and Goslings of 2020-21

Your new classroom

We are learning through cooking. We have been learning how to spread, chop, stir and be safe in the kitchen.

We enjoy tasting new fruits

We were visited by a paramedic in Safety Week

Some of the things we do in Pre-School help our fingers get stronger ready for writing.

Using our imagination in the early years will help children with ideas when they write stories and explore learning when they are older. When children make up stories in their play they learn to work as part of a team, to speak in sentences and listen to each other, amongst many other valuable opportunities.

The children have enjoyed their first few PE lessons. Thank you to everyone who have encouraged their child to learn to independently change their clothes. Some children need no help to change!

Toes over the edge ready for a safe jump.
A safe jump with bent knees.
A beautiful landing! Well done!

We like riding our balance bikes, scooters and trikes outside. We improve our physical skills and our turn taking skills.

We learn to play together,

Brrrrr! We found out that ice is very cold and it melts when it gets warm.

We have been learning about transport in STEM week. We sang songs about transport. Can you remember any to sing at home with your family?

We saw Mr Bligden’s banger cars and trophies
We blew through straws
We took a raindrop for a walk
We explored wheels in paint
We played with trains and cars
We learn through play
Everyone made a vehicle
We decorated our vehicle
A bright colourful vehicle!
We explored straws, sticks and cardboard wheels
Don’t they look great!
We tested our vehicles
We could move them along the floor!
Our fastest car went more than 6 metres!
We explored racing cars down a ramp
We cut out car pictures
We made some wheel wraps!
Cheese or jam rolled up in a wrap
What a fun snack!
Very tasty!

Hooray to all our reading superstars who have changed their library book twice a week since Christmas!

Busy and creative fingers!

“Look! My hat”

We dressed up for World Book Day. Can you tell which books we are from? We had lots of Julia Donaldson characters!

Our deep dark wood and Zog castle

‘Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson inspired our Mother’s Day handprint monkey cards.

We used scissors to cut up lavender. This helped us to practise our cutting skills. Our classroom smelled lovely!

Our fingers get stronger when we play with scoops and tweezers. Strong fingers will help us to hold a pencil with good control.

We read The Gruffalo’s Child. This book inspired our play!

“I want to be a doctor, and travel here and there......

.....Listening to people’s chests and giving them my care”

Zog has inspired our role play.
We have had 9 1 4 2 5 Visitors
Faringdon Learning Trust