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Meet the Governors

A warm welcome to you from your school governors!  The Local Governing Body plays an important part in the life of your school. The members of the governing body reflect a wide range of interests from local businesses and the community, staff members and, of course, parents.

The Governing Body is charged with many specific responsibilities and powers but has general responsibility for oversight of every aspect of the school and its activities. Formally, the Department for Education requires governors to:


  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff.
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

As we are part of an Academy, the Watchfield Primary School Local Governing Body is accountable to the Faringdon Academy of Schools Board for ensuring that these statutory responsibilities are met.  In carrying out its duties the governing body may lobby organisations or individuals on behalf of the school.  It may also suggest or - in some circumstances - require that the affairs of the school are conducted in a certain way.  We take a keen interest in school performance data but recognise that our school is unique and data is but one measure of a child's performance.   One of our strengths is in the whole school experience at Watchfield where a child's mind, body and spirit benefits from the rich tapestry of cultures, nationalities and experiences that the children in our school bring. Consequently, the governing body has an important job to do in ensuring that the welfare of the school and its culture, values and ethos are maintained.  In summary, the role of governors is one of both challenge and support in a constructive way.  We are always open to feedback and ideas.  If you would like to offer a suggestion, your governors can be contacted by email via:

Ian Wright (Community Governor) - Chair of Governors

Appointed: Jul 16                                  Term: 4 years

Ian has served as a governor at Watchfield since June 2012.  This is Ian's second period as Chair - in his previous term as Chair he was on the Steering Group to examine and plan the expansion of the Faringdon Academy of Schools to the current 8-school Multi-Academy Trust.  He relinquished the Chair due to the additional commitment when he was appointed as a Director of the Faringdon Academy of Schools in November 2013, but then re-assumed the role in November 2015.  Ian retired from the Royal Air Force in 2012 after a 21-year career specializing in infrastructure, facilities management, personnel and executive roles, and is now a business and operations manager at the University of Oxford.  He has 2 children at Watchfield Primary.


"The truly unique nature of Watchfield Primary School makes it a fantastic environment in which to teach children - it is a real strength which is used at every opportunity to enrich and enliven the School, and deliver outstanding results.  I am extremely proud of the School, its pupils and staff, and will do everything I can to ensure that the School is appropriately supported and challenged to deliver continually improving standards of education."

Katie Brudenell (Community Governor) - Vice Chair of Governors

Appointed: Nov 17                                  Term: 4 years

Katie has been a member of the Governing Body since July 2013.  A pupil of Watchfield School herself in the 1980s, Katie arrived back in Watchfield to accompany her husband’s posting. She spent a thoroughly enjoyable year working at Watchfield School supporting Mrs Deveraux and the Blackbirds, before converting to teach secondary Physics in 2013.  Having led the Physics Department at The Commonweal School in Swindon, she now teaches Physics at St Helen and St Katharine School.  She has two children at Watchfield School – Emily and Alice.  Her husband continues to serve in the Army, although the family are now settled in Shrivenham village.


“Having first-hand experience of the wonderful, nurturing environment provided by Watchfield to its pupils, I am keen to see the school continue to succeed and thrive.  I am proud that my children attend Watchfield School and proud to be Vice Chair of the governing body.” 

Georgina Wintle (Headteacher, ex-officio Governor)

Appointed: Sep 19


Andrew Atkinson (Parent Governor)

Appointed: Oct 18                      Term: 4 Years

Andrew has returned with his family to Watchfield, after serving the last 7 years overseas with the British Army in Kuwait and the USA.

"I have been fortunate to travel and live overseas with my family I am passionate about the role that schools play within the community and providing that assurance to families, whether transient or not, that the education of their children is in good hands. It is a great privilege to be able to serve on the governing body; I can honestly say that Watchfield is a wonderful school with fantastic opportunities to embrace its unique position in the local and international community. With 3 children , who have been or are now at Watchfield, I truly believe that for them every day matters, whether at the school for a year or for longer. Together with my first hand experience of dealing with the impact of family moves, my leadership experience in the military, as a parent and a husband to a very capable EYFS and KS1/2 teacher, I feel that I have much to offer and I am looking forward to my term as a parent governor."

Mike Butler (Associate Governor)

Appointed: Sep 19                      Term: 4 Years

Alan Chapman (Community Governor)

Appointed: Sep 19                      Term: 4 Years

Alan is an experienced Chartered and European Patent Attorney with a background in physics. Having worked within a variety of different organisations, including a multi-national defence company, the Defence Procurement Agency (DPA), two private practice firms and a university spin-out, Alan currently works for a private technology company as the lead attorney with overall responsibility for a core technology category of the business.

"My wife, two sons and I moved to Watchfield in 2018. Since then our experience has been that not only does the School provide a wonderful learning environment for its pupils but also that the School plays a particularly important role in the unique community here in Watchfield. With the knowledge that this would not be possible without a dedicated team of staff and a strong local governing body, I was inspired to volunteer as a governor in the hope that I can make a valuable contribution to the School and that in doing so I will also make a significant contribution to the well-being and cohesion of our community. As a governor I look forward to working with the school leadership team and other governors to support and constructively challenge the School in order to ensure its continued success."

Rob Hart (Associate Governor, CO Shrivenham Station)

Appointed: Sep 18                                  Term: 4 years

Wing Commander Rob Hart became an associate governor in Sep 18 as part of his role as Commanding Officer for Shrivenham Station. Having joined the RAF as an aerosystems engineer in 1999, Rob has extensive experience, focused in equipment procurement and support, in addition to overseas service in numerous locations across the Middle East. Rob has 3 daughters aged 8 to 11 and lives locally in Uffington. He is married to Lorraine who is a nurse working with the Great Western Hospital and Community Health Team. His main role within the Governing Body is to ensure appropriate representation of the needs of the military families, that the school is informed about activity on Shrivenham Station and to facilitate assistance from the station and the wider Ministry of Defence where appropriate.

Duncan Jenkins (Parent Governor)

Appointed: Jan 19                      Term: 4 Years

Duncan became a parent governor in January 2019. His elder son attended the school five years ago, and his younger son started in 2018, after the family relocated to Shrivenham. Duncan has spent almost three decades in the Army and together with his wife, they have so far experienced being parents at seven different schools.


“I am keen to see our son, and indeed every pupil at the school, receive the greatest start in their educational journey.  I would like to think that my knowledge of the education system, along with my personal experience as a parent of children at various and varied schools, will stand me in good stead to assist the board of governors in focusing on the strategic direction of the school.


It’s a privilege to be on the board of such a unique school and I look forward to representing the views of parents to ensure Watchfield Primary School remains such a special and individual place to learn”.

Julia Jones (Community Governor)

Appointed: Sep 18                      Term: 4 Years


A teacher for over thirty years, Julia retired as Head of an independent primary school and returned to her childhood village of Shrivenham of 2013.

Elected to Shrivenham Parish Council in May 2015, Julia also enjoys taking part in plays and pantomimes with Shrivenham Amateur Dramatic Society as well as attending live theatre - professional or amateur productions. She is also a committee member for Shrivenham Heritage Society, a member of the National Trust and a communicant member of the Church of England in Shrivenham.

"My husband and I enjoy living in the village and I am looking forward to being involved with the  children, parents and staff at Watchfield Primary School."


Jody Lewis (Staff Governor)

Appointed: Sep 19                                  Term: 4 years

Jody is an experienced primary school teacher with over 20 years’ experience and

has been a teacher at Watchfield Primary School since 2013. She is one of the Year

2 teachers and is also the English as an Additional Language Coordinator; an

important role in such a unique school. She joined the Governing Body in

September 2019 as the Staff Governor. Jody’s husband is based at the Defence

Academy and their two children are former Watchfield pupils.

“Watchfield is unlike any school I have taught in during my 20 years of teaching. The

culture and environment created by such a diverse student population makes

teaching at Watchfield incredibly rewarding. I am passionate about high quality

education and treating every child as an individual so they can reach their true

potential. As staff governor I will serve as a useful link between our school staff and

the governing body”.

David Robinson (Community Governor)

Appointed: Sep 19                      Term: 4 Years

David has worked as a primary school teacher after graduating in 2012. He and his wife moved to the area from the North East of England and now have two children and are expecting their third in December. David has worked in schools across Oxfordshire as well as a year teaching in Kenya. He has worked in a variety of roles in primary education and is passionate about ensuring a positive experience of learning for all children. 
"I have long admired the ethos and culture of Watchfield Primary and was very pleased that my son was able to join EYFS this year. It is a unique setting which means it can offer opportunities and experiences which are unlike anywhere else, both for children and for the wider community.  I have seen the real impact a quality education can have with children and am passionate about ensuring children enjoy their learning journey."

Gemma Rogan (Support Staff Governor)

Appointed: Oct 16                                  Term: 4 years

Gemma, who is currently our Family Support Worker and ELSA, has worked at Watchfield Primary School since September 2014.


"My husband, two children and I relocated from Lancashire in 2013. I feel extremely lucky to not only work at our wonderful school but to serve on the governing body also. Watchfield is a truly unique place which is testament to the hard work and support from all involved, including our children and families. I am passionate about supporting children and their families as they progress along their primary school journey and in my role as a governor, I am able to contribute to this process".


Emma Wight-Boycott (Community Governor)

Appointed: Nov 18                                  Term: 4 years

Emma is a commercial nutritionist who works with global health and food companies. Over the past few years Emma has been on the board of a pre-school and a parent representative of an independent school in Belfast. She has 2 boys at Watchfield and is passionate about bringing healthy eating messages to the next generation. 


“My aim as a Community Governor at Watchfield is to further facilitate the school, and its enthusiastic staff, in its endeavours; enabling Watchfield to continue as a unique outward looking school.”

Clerk to the Local Governors Octavia Kelly

Octavia has been an administrator in a range of different environments, including social services, the NHS and the University of Oxford.  She lives in Faringdon with her husband Travis, a hydrogeologist, and daughter Rachel.


Clare Hamilton (Previous Community Governor)

Appointed: Jul 18                      Term: 4 Years

Stepped Down: Jul 18


Jayne Russell (Previous Community Governor)

Appointed: Jul 18                                  Term: 4 years

Stepped Down: 


Rev Phil Burrows (Previous Associate Governor: Defence Academy Chaplain)

Appointed: Jul 18                                  Term: 4 years

Stepped Down: 


Jennifer Roberts (Previous Staff Governor)

Appointed: Sep 15                                Term: 4 years

Stepped down: Aug 19


Alison Saunders (Previous Parent Governor) 

Appointed: Nov 17                                 Term: 4 years

Stepped down: Dec 18 


Anda Fitzgerald O'Connor (Previous Community Governor) 

Appointed: Oct 14                                 Term: 4 years

Stepped down: Sep 18 


Sarah Church (Previous Community Governor) 

Appointed: Oct 15                                 Term: 4 years

Stepped down: Jul 18 


Simone Wheatley (Previous Community Governor)

Appointed: Apr 16                                  Term: 4 years

Stepped down: Jul 18


Rev Stephen Hancock (Previous Community Governor)

Appointed: Feb 17                                  Term: 4 years

Stepped down: May 18


Julia Davies (previous Parent Governor)

Appointed: Dec 16                                  Term: 4 years

Stepped down: Jul 17


Matt Wheatley (previous Parent Governor)

Appointed: Apr 16                                  Term: 4 years

Stepped down: Aug 17

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