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Vision and Values

Mission Statement:


At Watchfield, our ethos is that everyone is cared for, respected, valued and included.  We are a local school with an international community; Watchfield welcomes everyone. Subsequently, we create a happy, caring, safe and stimulating learning environment, where all children are encouraged to thrive intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.

We ensure that we:

  • Put children and their learning at the centre of everything we do
  • Provide a warm, welcoming and secure environment for all children
  • Carefully plan a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum
  • Encourage, value and extend every child’s contribution to the school
  • Celebrate differences and recognise and praise success in everyone
  • Build strong collaborative partnerships with families and the local community
  • Encourage and enable the continuous professional development of all staff

School Vision:


Our School Vision is:

‘At Watchfield We SOAR’


At Watchfield we want everyone, children and adults, to ‘SOAR’.  This means we work hard to enable individuals, groups and the wider school community to be: Successful, Original, Aspirational and Resilient.


This vision is embedded into all of our policies and our day-to-day practice; as teachers – as learners.


To help us achieve our School’s vision we have identified six core values that also underpin our School’s ethos.  These are encapsulated in the statement below:


‘Watchfield Primary School: a place where happy, confident children show care and respect for others, believe in themselves and take pride in their achievements’.


Through striving to meet our vision, our aim is for Watchfield Primary School to be at the heart of an expanding community and widely recognised as a school that values uniqueness, where children are provided with the skills to enable them to become Successful Learners, Original Characters, Aspirational Individuals and Resilient Citizens.

How Will We Achieve Our Vision?


The six core values of care, respect, happiness, belief, confidence and pride underpin the life and work of Watchfield Primary School.



Core Value

What This Looks Like: Outcomes for Children

How Will We Achieve This?




We look after each other and our school



By creating an interesting, stimulating and friendly environment, where each individual can enjoy their education, feel safe, secure and valued.




We value everyone, including ourselves

Through teaching the importance of self-expression, empathy and tolerance to help children become responsible, confident, articulate and self-disciplined.




We enjoy coming to school and love learning

Providing a broad and balanced curriculum that offers practical experiences which develop a range of skills, the acquisition of knowledge and the opportunity for extended study.




We know we can achieve our goals



Through encouraging lively, enquiring minds that would instil life-long learning; to work with imagination and a sense of purpose.




We rise to the challenge

Developing the skills and attitudes in our pupils that will help them to be successful in the future and able to develop their full potential, achieving the very best that they are capable of.




We recognise and share our achievements


Striving for outstanding teaching that responds to the needs of individuals and attains the best possible outcomes for each child.


NB: Alongside our School’s Core Values, fundamental British Values are also promoted in a variety of ways, including through the taught curriculum and displays around school.


Further information about how we work to achieve our vision and the ways in which our values are taught and upheld can be found in the documents below.
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