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Hello everyone,


Here you will find some useful links, websites and activities for home learning. In the event of a partial or full school closure, we will set work via Tapestry. 


Remember that your child’s concentration span is far shorter than ours.  Spending ten minutes on a task can be enough.  Longer than this can cause anxiety, frustration and anger.  Short activities leave your child feeling positive about a task and their learning.  Less is definitely more!! 


Much of the time your child spends in Pre-School is used choosing and completing activities independently.  Most of their learning is done through play.  If you do find resistance from your child to complete activities set by school, please do not feel pressured to complete everything!  Your child is still very young, therefore playing with toys and games at home is just as valuable as completing one of our tasks!


Please do not feel pressured to keep your child focussed on activities at all times.  Allow your child to become bored sometimes.  Can they learn to entertain themselves?  This is a first step to independence and creative thinking.  Boredom is a key skill to overcome!  Let them make their own decisions.  At this age EVERYTHING has a learning opportunity in it!  Anything you do with your child will be beneficial, no matter how small.


Your child is only at the very early start of their journey through education.  Keep these learning experiences a positive and happy time.  Time spent together is the most precious gift.  Activities, such as cooking, laying the table, hoovering, pairing up socks, are all educational for your child!  And of course .…PLAY!  Play is such a valuable experience for your child.  Play gives your child the opportunity to experiment, use their imagination and embed previous learning.  Give them some material to make a den between chairs, give them an empty box – they’ll turn it into something amazing, get out the lego, do a puzzle together, play a board game together, put some music on and let them dance……  all of these are wonderful ways to spend your time at home with your child.  Building happy and positive memories is important so that in the future your child can remember the Coronavirus as a time when they had fun and shared special moments with their family.


This is a very strange time for us all and we appreciate that you and your children may feel anxious during this time. If you feel that your child is unduly worried about the current situation please contact us through Tapestry and we will see what advice we can access to help. 


Please keep checking TAPESTRY for further challenges from your Pre-School staff if your child is absent from school due to being in isolation.  We shall miss your child during this period of time so we would love to see how they are getting on!  Please post photos, comments and messages on TAPESTRY.  


If you need further guidance, support or have a question or query, we are always here.  Just send us a new observation on Tapestry.  If you cannot logon to Tapestry, please email the school office and they will be able to let us know so that we can resend activation passwords.


Stay safe, healthy and happy and we hope to see you all soon.

Mrs Kinch and Mrs Musson

Below is a selection of website links for you to dip into at home.  In the event of school closure, we can keep in touch via the Tapestry App. You can upload photos, videos, messages and questions and we will respond.  It will be great to hear how you are all getting along and we look forward to seeing what you are up to at home.   

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