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School Times & Term Dates

Watchfield Primary School Day

School hours

8:55am - 3:05pm

School routine

8:45am - School premises open.  Children go straight to class for early morning work.

8:55am - Morning session starts for all children from Reception to Y6

9:00am - Morning session starts for Nursery children

10.30am to 10.50am - Morning break for Key Stages One & Two

12:00pm - End of morning session for Foundation Stage & Key Stage One

12:15pm - End of morning session for Key Stage Two

Lunch Break

1:00pm - Afternoon session starts

3:00pm - End of afternoon session for Foundation Stage & Key Stage One

3:05pm - End of afternoon session for Key Stage Two

Please note that the school gates are unlocked at 8.45am to allow you to accompany your children on site. Parents are kindly requested to leave the premises by 8.55am, when the gates will be locked for the day.  Any children arriving after this time will need to report to the school office and will be recorded on the register as late.

At the end of the day, gates are unlocked at 2.55pm and locked again at 4.15pm.  Adhering to these procedures enable us to ensure your children are kept safe during the school day.

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