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Keeping Active

Keeping Active


Many of you are already doing PE each morning with Joe Wicks or getting active with Cosmic Kids.


If you are wondering what else you could do to keep the children active, but also to continue the skills they have already practised at school, you could ask the children to;


  • Practise throwing and catching a ball. Once they get good at this they could see if they can throw it a little higher and see if they can clap once or any more times before catching it.
  • Use a ball to show you some circus tricks. Let them be creative as they like.
  • Ask them to roll the ball up and down their body from their ankles to their necks and back around. First with two hands and then with 1 hand (swapping when they move the ball around their necks).
  • Practise throwing and catching the ball to you or someone else at home. Once they are good at this can you move one step further apart. You could turn this into a game. Once they drop the ball, they have to step in one and if not after so many throws, move back one again.
  • Balance a beanbag (or similar toy) somewhere on their body (E.G on their shoulder) and move around with it staying on. Try balancing it in different places.
  • Place something straight along the floor in a line (E.G masking tape). Ask them to move along the line one step in front of the other keeping as straight on the line as they can. Once they are confident at this ask them to do this going backwards, keeping balanced.
  • Balance on two feet holding their chosen position. Continue to balance on one foot.  They could challenge themselves by seeing if they can beat their personal best. Count this in seconds by counting ‘1 elephant, 2 elephants, 3 elephants…’ Ask them to balance in a different way or on the other foot.
  • With your child, create a little obstacle course (safe of course) in the garden, where they need to practise skills such as climbing over, climbing under or going in and out. Part of it may be to dress in something. Perhaps a jacket with a button or zip to encourage practising those skills of doing up a zip or button.
  • Practise actions whilst practising counting skills. Set a timer (there are some good ones on the internet – see link below), ask them to do some jumps with 2 feet / hops / bunny hops/ touch their toes / star jumps. How many can they do before the timer finishes?



Most of all have fun!

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