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Resources to Support Mathematics

White Rose Maths (a maths scheme of learning we follow at school) has been working closely with the BBC Bitesize Daily Maths team to make a clear learning plan for the summer term.  Together, they have set out a 12-week learning plan that means children can:
  • make sure they understand the main concepts they need for their work next year
  • cover any new learning that they have not yet been taught in school.

White Rose will continue to release a daily tutorial to watch along with a short activity to complete.   Additional activities will also be available on the BBC Bitesize website.  The first two weeks of White Rose Maths summer term learning is already published, but some of this differs a little from the BBC Bitesize plan – but only for the first two weeks. From Week 3 onwards, both resources will run in line with each other


Catch Up - Parent/Pupil Summer Booklets

White Rose Maths have produced a range of work booklets for parents and children to use over the summer or during next year. There is one booklet for each of our blocks for Y1 to Y6. These booklets can be used to consolidate your child's learning from the previous year.  Attached below is a sample of the resources; the full range of booklets can be downloaded from the White Rose website, or can be found on Amazon for the Kindle.  These resources are all FREE!


Key Maths Skills to Practise at Home

If you are looking for additional resources then Twinkl is the place to go!  It is a fantastic website with a full range of resources and home learning packs for all ages and subjects.  The site is offering free membership to parents at this time.



Additional Resources and Useful Websites
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