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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Teaching Staff


Mr J Quinn

Deputy Headteacher

Miss G Wintle

Early Years Foundation Stage


Mrs K Hancock
Mrs J Kinch
Mrs B Cobourne

Mrs C Fayers

Mrs T Musson

Mrs S Locke

Mrs N Teasdale

Key Stage 1


Mrs J Roberts
Mrs J Lewis
Mrs Y Andrews

Mrs R Davidson


Key Stage 2






Mrs A-M Devereux
Ms V Davies-Wright

Mrs N Wilkins

Mrs L Smith
Mrs V Clifford

Ms H Moore

Mrs A Simmons

Miss J Smith

Mrs A Wiseman




EAL Coordinator




Mrs A Simmons


Mrs J Lewis







Non-teaching Staff



Administrative Officers


Admin Assistant

Mrs K Colson

Mrs S Knee

Mrs K Cox

Early Years Worker


Mrs D Humphries



Mrs T Ashmall

Mrs M Bird

Mrs W Turner

Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Murzell

Teaching Assistants


Mrs S Ansari, Mrs H Bunce-Mace, Mrs J Campbell, Mrs A Culver, Miss A Muresan, Mrs C Morris, Mrs D Wilson-Pitts, Mrs K Smith, Miss T Mannion, Miss R Hunnisett, Mrs S Mayers, Mrs A Wheatley, Mrs H Wise and Mr D Passey


Cook and Kitchen Staff

Mrs M Bush and Carillion

Midday Supervisors

Miss R Bell





Mr A Bligdon



Miss S Betterton, Miss R Bell, Miss T Cook

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