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Please activate your Tapestry parents account  to be able to view and contribute to your child's learning journal.

All parents who gave us their email addresses have been set up with a Tapestry account. We still have qa few parents whose Tapestry accounts are "activating" rather than "active."  This means your account needs to be set up with your own chosen password and PIN. You can do this by responding to the activation email sent to you by Tapestry recently.

If you gave us your email address you should have received an activation e mail from Tapestry. Please do check your "junk" or "spam" email folders as Tapestry activation emails have been known to end up there rather than in your inbox!

If you are having problems accessing Tapestry please see your child's teacher.

If you have already viewed your child's Tapestry journal, commented or added an observation of your own, thank you. We hope you enjoy the Tapestry experience!

Tapestry in an online learning journal system. A learning journal plots the critical moments when your child shows that they have acquired a new skill, knowledge or when they show us something that surprises or delights us!

Staff observe and record your child's progress using a tablet or PC to take photographs and add comments. Parents can contribute to their child's journal too by recording activities they have done at home. Parents can also comment on staff observations and vice-versa!

Do fill in the "About Me" section for your child once your account is activated. To do this click on your child's name and a drop down menu should appear. "About Me" is the second option down. Any queries please see your child's teacher. 

Handout from Tapestry meeting for parents and Carers

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