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Maths Challenges

We want to increase the children's confidence at using basic number skills. Also we feel it is important that children keep practising the skills and concepts they have been taught. So we have introduced a weekly Maths Challenge where the children try and beat their previous score or move onto the next challenge card when they score at least 9/10.


We will let you know through the purple reading record book when your child moves onto the next challenge. Please support your child in practising for their challenge.


The list of challenges are in the following document. As this is a new system we have created - the challenges currently only go as far as 'Gold'; the blank ones are the ones that our Year 2 children will continue with and are likely to be called after gems such as 'Ruby'.

List of Maths Challenges


We will continue to stick their new list into their Home-School contact book each Thursday. If your child does not get one please ask for the list - they may have forgotten to get their book out for changing (even though they are reminded regularly). Mrs Andrews' group are now receiving 10 spellings to learn. These words follow a spelling pattern or rule. Look for this as you help your child to learn them. For both spelling groups, please be aware that they won't be tested in the order the words appear on the list. If at all possible start to learn the words early on in the week as they are likely to stay in their memory. A significant number of children can learn the words for a test but then are not able to use them in their independent writing.


Thank you to those parents who came to our reading workshop on Friday 27th April, we hope you found it useful. If you missed this and would like the leaflet on 'Top Tips' to help your child read at home then please ask for one.


Hopefully you will have noticed that the children now only get one book each time. This is to enable you to spend more time rereading the book and talking about what they have been reading. In Year 1 we have to assess their reading against a wide range of targets - many which are gained through talking about the stories they have read or heard. Decoding words is just one of these.


Please remember to write a quick comment in their purple record book each time they read with you. We will only change reading books when there is evidence of them having read with you at home. We do our very best to hear your children read in school, but you are in the best position to give your children the time to really enjoy reading.

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