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Read below to find out a little about Tapestry


'Tapestry' is an online journal website which we use within our Foundation Stage (Pre-School and Reception) at Watchfield Primary School.  It enables staff and parents to upload photos, information and assessments to keep as records throughout the time your child is on roll. 


Parents are able to set up their own parent account to enable you to view their child's progress, development and experiences.  Parents can only view their own child's account.  We ask you to sign an agreement explaining our expectations for each user (see document attached below).  An account can be set up and used on a computer, iPad or iPhone.


We also use Tapestry to communicate to our families.  Information shared include upcoming events, news, reminders and celebrations.  We ask that parents check into tapestry at least once a week to view any important information on there.  We ask that you click 'like' after viewing anything on Tapestry so that we know you have seen it. 


We invite families to upload photos and observations from home too!  We also invite you to add messages from home, such as a pet passing away or a parent being posted abroad.  Staff will then understand any changes in behaviour and will be able to support your child as needed.  However, we ask that you contact the office via telephone, when your child is absent.    


If your child is moving to another school which uses Tapestry, your new school can request a transfer from us.  At the time of leaving Reception at Watchfield Primary School you will be able to request to download your child's Tapestry account to keep forever.  A beautiful memory to remember a precious year.


Please refer to the links below to see how to use Tapestry.  Please do come and ask if you have any further questions you would like answering and we shall do our best to find the answers for you.

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