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Value of the Term - Spring 5 - Confidence 

Arts Week 2017

Lion King


This years annual Arts Week is based around the theme of 'The Lion King.' We have had lots of visitors in school who have been running activities for us, including: dance, music, drumming. Take a look at our reviews below to see what we have been up to.

Year 6 SATs Week 2017


This week, Year 6 have completed their SATs. We have written some top tips to share with you to help you when your turn comes. Check them out below:


  • Stay calm - this is very important in SATs.
  • Don't worry about how hard the questions are, they are actually easier than you may think.
  • Tell yourself that it's like any other test.
  • Don't spend every minute of the day doing things for SATs, you'll only stress more.
  • Don't get distracted during the tests.
  • Don't rush - you have plenty of time.


We mustn't forget the teachers as well...

  • Listen to music/have a rest in your spare time.

Newspapers 2016-2017

Arts Week 2016

The Beatles


This years annual arts week is based around 'The Beatles.' Take a look below to see what we have been up to all week.

Arts Week 2016

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