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Type Day Set Day Due Expectations
Reading Every day Every day Every child should spend an average of 15 minutes reading daily.  We ask that that the book title, page numbers and a small comment are recorded in their home-contact book each day.  They can complete this themselves, we just ask that you check to ensure they are reading each day.
Maths Friday Wednesday This is to be done weekly using the MyMaths website.  It will be a short homework which is related to the Maths unit that we have covered in lessons that week.
Spellings Friday Friday Each week, the children will have a focus sound (phoneme) and will need to investigate words spelt using this phoneme and the alternative letter patterns that can represent this sound (graphemes.)  They have a week to complete and return the investigation to school before their weekly test, which is 'pot luck' and tests their knowledge of the various spellings possible for each phoneme.
Topic/English Friday 3rd November Friday 15th December The children are invited to bring their topic homework in to show at school during an 'Open Afternoon'.  Please see the current Topic Homework letter for more details.


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