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Welcome to the Fantastic Falcons Class

Extreme Earth



During Spring term we will be looking at the Earth, it's weather and it's natural disasters.


The children will be learning about:

* Climate Zones

* The Water Cycle

* Arctic weather

* Avalanche

* Beaufort Scale

* Thunderstorms

* 'Ring of Fire'

* Earthquakes


* Floods

* Tornadoes  

Homework Project Deadline

Monday 13th March 2017


Open afternoon

Thursday 16th March from 2.30pm




During the Autumn term we studied Ancient Egypt and we had so much fun! We produced some amazing art work and enjoyed writing our names in hieroglyphics.


We loved sharing our school work and homework with our families on

Thursday 17th Novemberfrown 

Term 1 homework letter

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We have had 2 6 0 9 2 Visitors
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