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Eagles 2015-2016

Eagles 2015-2016

Our Classroom Displays

Science - Light


In Science, this term, we have been learning about light and how it travels in straight lines. Mrs Roberts set us a challenge. We had to make a periscope that could be used to spy on the other teachers without getting caught. We thoroughly enjoyed testing these out. Take a look at our pictures below...

Science - Periscopes

Cycling Proficiency

Learning 2 Learn


This year we have introduced dedicated 'Learning 2 Learn' time. We began the year by finding out the difference between a 'Fixed Mindset' and a 'Growth Mindset'. We looked at the effect changing our words had on developing our growth mindsets. We then moved onto begin looking at the different learning skills called 'Watchfield Wonderbrains'. We began with 'Have a Go Herb!' Take a look at our photos to see our Origami and Juggling that helped us to practice these skills..

Learning to Learn

This term our homework project was based around the Victorians. On Friday 6th November we invited our parents in so we could share our homework projects with them and some of our class work. We enjoyed playing Matthew S' board game about a Victorian Schools and seeing the different ways we presented our tasks. Mrs Roberts was very impressed. 

Homework Project Open Afternoon

Sevington Victorian School

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