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Welcome to Blackbirds Class!


Summer Term 1

Welcome back. This term our topic is 'Telling Tales' and is based upon some of our Traditional Tales. The children have already written about The Three Little Pigs and a sorry letter from Goldilocks to the Three Bears. We have yet to explore 'Jack and the Beanstalk', 'Little Red Riding Hood' and the 'Pied Piper of Hamelin'.

Image result for traditional tales characters


The children will also be finding out about seasonal changes from Spring to Summer - it is a shame that our weather this year is not keeping up with our teaching!


As part of our work on Traditional Tales, the children will be making different mechanisms that might appear in 'Pop-Up' books. The children are also enjoying learning to be computer programmers through the app 'Scratch Jr'. This is a free app available for the iPad. You might like to explore this at home if your children are talking about 'Scratch' and you are not sure what they are talking about!


Please look in the homework section for information about our new weekly 'Maths Challenge' - this is a quick 10 minute challenge the children do every Monday Morning.


As we said in our letter sent out earlier this term, please can you ensure your child has the right PE kit in their bag. They really do need outdoor trainers AND indoor plimsolls. Also we have noticed that a lot of PE kit is not named. If you want their PE kit returned to them when they misplace it or forget to put it in their bag, please name all their PE kit. Thank you.


Spring term 1

The children have enjoyed finding out about the exploits of Travelling Bear. He has been travelling around the United Kingdom. The children have learnt the name of the capital cities of the countries and discovered some facts about each of these countries. Travelling Bear has also travelled back in time and found out about Nurturing Nurses from history. The children know about the significant work of Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. Ask your children about Travelling Bear, where has been and what he has found out.


The Little Princess Charity

Recently Elspeth in our class donated her hair to this charity in a whole school assembly. She had been growing her hair for a long time so that another child could benefit from receiving a wig made from her hair when theirs has fallen out due to treatment.

We are very proud of this sacrifice Elspeth made but secretly think her new short hair style really suits her. 



Elspeth’s long hair before she had it cut.














Elspeth ready to donate her hair!




Autumn Term 2


Welcome back after the half-term break. We hope you enjoyed the weather and had a good rest.


This term we are calling our topic 'All Change'. Our main focus will be exploring the different types of weather we experience during the seasons of Autumn and Winter. We will also be finding out about the Gunpowder Plot - which is why we celebrate Bonfire Night.


A big part of this term will be spent practising for our Christmas play. All the children will be involved by singing songs, some will be performing dances or playing instruments. We will be giving (non-speaking) parts out very soon.



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